This month the focus seems to be on women. First, there was International Women’s Day, then there is Mother’s Day later in the month. I didn’t write a blog post for International Women’s Day this year because of some health problems, but I have written about Mother’s Day. In this blog post, I wanted to extend my reflections to include Women of Faith. 

There are a lot of women in the Bible that I admire or am inspired by. There are also those whom I relate to. But, it’s not just women in the Bible that I think of when I think of women of faith. 

There have been ministers, Sunday School teachers, and other female leaders who I admire and am inspired by. There are Trans Women whom I admire and look up to too. These are people that I know in person. They have helped to shape who I am today. They have nurtured me and encouraged me in my faith. Clearly, men have too, but this month my focus is on women. 

Women of Faith in the Bible

Mary Magdelene

I think I most relate to Mary Magdalene. I feel like we have some similarities, but I’m perhaps not quite so intense. 

I wrote this powerful devotional a few years ago on Good Friday, and wanted to share it with you:

“I’m completely devastated. What am I going to do now? The one I loved more than anyone else is dead. Perhaps more importantly, the only person who has ever loved me is dead. Even though it was never romantic, or sexual, it was the best sort of love anyone could wish for. The gentle but everlasting love called agape. Everyone else just sees a crazy and shameful woman. The worst of all humanity.

I can’t believe it. He warned me this would happen, he knew it was time, but I just didn’t want to believe him. I can’t stop crying. The pain I feel is immense.

He suffered so badly at the end; suffered so much pain. I could hardly watch. To have the humiliation of a beating, then hanging on a cross and then to top it off a spear in his side. So much blood. His blood and tears dripped on me as I knelt at the foot of the cross – reminiscent of when I washed his feet with my tears. He then breathed his last breath.

I wonder whether he knew how much I loved him?

I’ll never forget him; I hope you won’t either…” 

Queen Esther

The reason I include Queen Esther is that I admire her strength and courage and her faith. My favourite quote is ‘for such a time as this’. 

We all have a purpose, and I believe that we are each born for the time that we are born in. Our purpose is to live for such a time as this, with courage and faith. How that plays out is between us individually with God. 

Women of Faith in my own life

This is somewhat harder to choose from because there have been so many. Names that spring to mind are: Kat, Lotti, Patricia, Fay, my mum, my sister, Sam M, Suzie, Esther B, Sue, Hope, Jean, Abi, and so many more. 

My daughters also inspire me. Their faith has always blessed and encouraged me. Both of them have shared about Jesus with others. 

It’s much more difficult to share specifics because it’s personal and not something that I feel willing to share publicly, but there have been so many women of faith in my life who inspire and encourage me and have been a real blessing to me. 

When you think of Women of Faith who comes to your mind? Why? 

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