Wildlife and Nature Photo Categories


I love birds! As a bird watcher I spend ages walking (and standing still!) waiting for the perfect photo opportunity of my favourite birds. Birds in this collection include: coot, moorhen, blue tits, wren, herons, cormorants, kingfishers, swans, mallard ducks, mandarin ducks, crested grebe, and lots more.

Animals and Insects - In the Wild

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by lots of places where wild animals and insects can be spotted.

Animals and Insects in this collection include: stag, deer, dragonflies, damselflies, and butterflies, rabbits etc.


I love photographing pets on a commission basis. I have had the pleasure of photographing dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and even a pet hedgehog. Please click through to view some pet portraits and you will then have the opportunity to fill in a form if you would like to book me for a pet photo shoot.

Mountains and Hills

This collection of photos mainly includes mountains in Mallorca, the Malvern Hills, and the Peak District.

Holiday Destinations

This collection primarily has (non- human) holiday snaps from various family holiday’s. Mostly photos from our holiday’s to Mallorca.


I love to walk around the lakes in the local area. Within a 10-15 minute drive there are several lake and river walks which I frequently visit and take most of my photos at.

Landscapes and Buildings

This section is pretty much my ‘miscellaneous’ collection with all of the ‘not-so-wildlife’ photos. Buildings include castles, palaces, churches, and other historic buildings. Landscapes are mainly fields.

Sunsets and Sunrises

Which do you prefer? Sunsets or Sunrises? Can you tell the difference in a photograph? I’m not sure I can! I prefer sunsets. There’s something magical about the golden hour just before a glorious sunset.

The Moon

This collection needs little in the way of explanation.

It’s just a collection of photographs of the moon in different phases.

Zoo Animals

Zoo animals include: lions, tigers, cheetah’s, leopards, penguins, meerkats, zoo birds, and much more.

Flowers, Trees, and Plants

This is another ‘miscellaneous’ collection made up of lots of random plants, flowers and trees. I might have difficulty giving the correct names!

Portrait Photos and Headshots

As well as pet photography, I also take human portraits, and headshots. These are not suitable for professional headshots for casting purposes. Headshots for organisations to use on websites and digital media is fine.

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