White Swan Painting


This was created with bird watchers in mind. If you have a special place in your home for this painting, I’d love for you to purchase it. Painted in acrylics on canvas board, and presented in a beautiful white frame with white mount. Size: 34cm x 39cm. If you would like it hanging on a wall in your house then I’d love for you to purchase this beautiful and original piece of artwork. Once bought you will receive contact from me and I will arrange the prompt shipping of this painting.

What’s included in the price of this White Swan Painting?

  • Swan painting, painted in acrylics on canvas board (size of canvas board: 31cm x 23cm)
  • this painting is presented in a beautiful white frame with a white mount. The total size of painting with frame: 34cm x 39cm.
  • the painting is carefully and lovingly wrapped in sheets of tissue paper, and eco-friendly bubble wrap
  • FREE postage and packing (within the UK)
  • Packaged in cardboard and brown paper.

For the story behind this painting, please scroll down to the description below.

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Have you heard the story The Ugly Duckling? I have! When I was little I remember watching the video. It resonated with me so much – I felt like an ugly duckling and that I never fitted in. I was told that I was ugly and stupid and that I didn’t belong. Therefore, I believed these lies and developed mental health disorders as a result.

A few years ago, my pastor re-framed this mindset into ‘You’re not an ugly duckling, you’re a beautiful cygnet and you are transitioning into a beautiful swan’. I believed him. It actually sparked my love for cygnets and swans. In fact, it also sparked my recovery!

I used one of my own reference photographs for this painting.




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