Painting of a Tree


It’s painted in acrylics on stretched canvas. Size: 30cm x 40cm.

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This is my favourite tree! It lives at Swan Lakes and overlooks the Blackwater River. It's my favourite tree because it reminds me of a house (I know it's strange!!). It reminds me of a house close to where my grandparents used to live in Rickmansworth. Every time I see the tree on my regular walk it reminds me of this particular house. It intrigues me as to why. The tree brings me a certain level of comfort. Is that wrong?

I painted the tree at the local art group I attend. The weekly them was 'woods' or 'trees' and I knew I had to paint my favourite tree. Do you have a favourite tree? Does it remind you of something, or someone else? I always have my most spiritual moments - where I feel closest to God - when in nature. Is that true for you too?

I have made every effort to show the true colours of this painting with my photography. I'd love for this tree to find it's forever home. Once bought I will be in contact and arrange prompt shipping of this painting.


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