Original Painting | Elephant Safari at Sunset


Painted in Acrylics on Stretched Canvas. Size 30cm x 40cm.

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I’m did a course last year at the School of Acrylic Painting in Gloucestershire. The lessons were once a month and after 12 lessons I’ll complete Level 1. This was painted for my 10th lesson, in October. I love animals and landscapes so this was a perfect lesson for me. I had great fun doing the background and the trees. The shape of the elephants was trickier, and getting the shading right was a challenge. I’ve always wanted to go on safari and see elephants in the wild. I love how the baby elephant is following its dad. It makes it quite spiritual for me because it reminds me that I’m Abba’s child and that I am following Him with my art and writing.

I love watching the sun set. I often watch at a lake in Hampshire that I’m fond of, but also love it wherever I am. I can only imagine how spectacular it would be to see the sunset while on safari! What an awesome thought. I hope I’ve captured its beauty without ever seeing it – it flowed out of my inmost being and my imagination.

I see this painting hung above a mantle-piece, so that the owner can enjoy a beautiful safari sunset without leaving their front door. This painting was created with animal lovers in mind. If you have a special place in your home for this painting, I’d love for you to purchase it. Once bought I will arrange shipping of your painting.


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