Acceptance themed abstract Painting


Price includes:

  • this acceptance themed abstract painting, painted in acrylics on stretched canvas (size 30cm x 40cm)
  • the painting is carefully and lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and eco friendly bubble wrap
  • FREE postage and packing (within the UK)
  • Packaged in cardboard and brown paper.

For the story behind this painting, please scroll down to the description below.

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This is the first in my collection of faith-based discipleship paintings.  I'm painting this collection alongside writing a book on the complexities faced within Christians discipleship.

Here is a snippet from the chapter on Acceptance: '"Accept the fact that you are accepted, despite the fact that you are unacceptable". – Paul Tillich This quote has become somewhat familiar to those who attend church alongside me. The pastor has been banging on about acceptance for almost as long as I’ve known him. As a congregation, we’re starting, little-step by little-step, to accept this truth – that we remain accepted even when unacceptable. It seems obvious to me, now, that we are accepted by God, but it took a long time for me to accept this truth. Of course, I was fully able to accept that it was true for others – but for myself, no way! It has been somewhat more difficult to get to a place where we have started to accept ourselves and each other. Generally, we are doing OK with this, but it still requires persistence and an understanding that we shan’t get it right all the time....' (© 2020 Hannah Kirk)

This 'acceptance' themed abstract painting was painted in acrylics on stretched canvas. Size: 30cm x 40cm. If you have a place in mind for this painting I'd love for you to purchase it. Once bought I'll promptly post it to you.


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