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My business is growing all of the time. The best place to find all of my products and services is right here – in my shop. This website also gives lots of information about me and all of the exciting things I have to offer. If you prefer though, we can connect in other places. 

Underneath this paragraph are the links to all of the other places that you will find me. That way, you’ll always know where to find me and we’ll be able to connect. 


I’m a Christian Wildlife and Landscape photographer. I enjoy bird watching, seeing wild animals, and walking in nature. I also take photos for local churches.

My Picfair store has all of the photos that are available to buy/licence. 


I used to spend all of my time focusing on building connections over on Facebook, but I have had training on how to connect with people on IG and it’s not my preferred Social Media Platform. I’d love for you to connect with me over on Instagram.



I have been on Facebook with a personal profile since June 2007 and have spent a lot of my adult life on Facebook.

It’s difficult to remember a time before Facebook. I would love for you to follow me on Facebook if it’s your preferred Social Media platform.



YouTube has been around for a relatively long time, but I’ve always been camera shy.

I know see the value in video content and would love for you to subscribe to my channel. My focus for the next couple of years is to create more video content so it would be good to see you over on YouTube.



One of the benefits of being in creative business learning memberships is the wealth of knowledge I have gleaned over the past few years.

Learning about all things Pinterest is one of them. Although new to Pinterest I love it and I’m gradually adding to my collection of unique and original pins. Head on over to Pinterest to follow me and check them out.


LinkedIn Logo to show that I'm on LinkedIn


Connecting with others is one of my core values, so I’d love to connect with you over on LinkedIn.

If I want to hire more people that is primarily where I will advertise any positions within the company.

LinkedIn also has all of the information you’d need to know about me and Yours Faithfully Hannah Kirk Ltd.


Hannah Kirk Solutions

Digital Media Solutions for every business.

I have a service-based digital media business. Services include website building, SEO, Social Media Content Planning and Management, and Virtual Assistant Work.


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