I have the honour of working for United Artspace as Michelle Lloyd’s Assistant and Customer Support. My role has grown and developed over the past 18 months of working for United Artspace. My favourite activity recently, which we did as a team, was a live demo and chat, for our members. We sat in our own art spaces and made art from the same photo. While making art we chatted about our process and had a good natter about various things relating to our art. 

This is the photo that we were working from:

The idea was not to copy the image, necessarily, but to respond to it in our own way. 

Here’s mine: 

Dandelion Clock Painting

Prophetic Meaning of the Dandelion Clock

I’m not sure where this comes from, besides my own reflections, because a quick search on Google didn’t bring up what I thought I had read elsewhere. So, I’ll have to make do with my own thoughts on the matter. 

Before a Dandelion gets its bright yellow petals, it’s a white ball of fluffiness – called a Dandelion Clock. It’s this stage in its lifecycle that I’m focused on in this blog post. 

When there is a gust of wind, or it’s blown on from a passer-by, the seeds break off and float off to land somewhere else. This represents the Spirit blowing seeds of faith to land wherever is ready to host them. 

In the Gospel according to Matthew, Jesus tells a parable of the sower of seeds. I’m often reminded of this parable when I see the seeds of a dandelion dancing in the breeze. 

You can find the parable in Matthew 13: 1-23

What do you like about Dandelion Clocks (if anything)?

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