Choose To Challenge

Choose To Challenge

Hi there,

It would be a bit difficult not to notice that today is International Women’s Day. When the focus is on one group of people it’s very easy to get critical or defensive and say ‘all lives matter’ for example. While it is most certainly true that ‘all lives matter’, that is not the point. The point is that where there is inequality we need to shine the spotlight on it.

Today, the spotlight is on women.

Until very recently women were not allowed to serve as church leaders; they were not allowed to vote; they were not allowed to work in male-dominant roles, such as as pilots or in the army. There is still a rift between genders in the workplace, and indeed other areas of society such as churches.

As hopefully you have already noticed, I’m extremely passionate about inclusion, justice, and equality. That passion, along with my faith in Jesus, forms the foundation of this company.

My mission statement on my website ( reads, ‘Hannah has a passion for Jesus and a passion for people. The main ways she connects these two passions is through art, photography, and writing. Even though her faith forms a huge part of who she is, and what she does, she is committed to never force her faith on anyone else. Her mission, which shapes this company, is to develop a life of hope, freedom, and recovery through art, photography, and writing. Hannah’s core belief is that every human being should be valued, accepted, and included – that’s why she has tailored her products and services in such a way that everyone should feel welcome here regardless of age, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, etc. She has a heart for the marginalised and broken, perhaps because she fits that herself.’

So, for International Women’s Day I #ChooseToChallenge – choose to challenge the stigma that many women face surrounding their bodies and emotions; choose to challenge the inequality that still exists; choose to challenge the ways that women are written about by male authors, etc. These are things that I will continue to challenge going foreword – not just today.

I thought you might also like to know which women most inspire us as a family.
* My youngest daughter says, “I’m inspired by Amy Johnson, because I wouldn’t be able to be a piolet when I grow up if it wasn’t for Amy Johnson”.
* My eldest daughter says, “Emma Watson inspires me because she inspired me to become an actress, she fights for Women’s Rights, and she left books for people to find which is a really kind thing to do.”
* My husband says, “Lari Basilio because she is a very good guitarist. Lori stands out for me because when you often thing of guitarists and rock bands it’s usually men, and she inspires me to play guitar more. She’s also a Christian and recently launched a signature guitar.”
* I am inspired by many women. I think that the modern women that inspire me the most are: Michelle Lloyd, Josephine Owusu, and Menekse Stewart (although I could add more to this list). The women artists that inspire me the most are: Jennifer Mazur, Kristin Rawcliffe, and Lotti Rawle (but there are many more I could mention). I also have so many amazing female friends who inspire me every day. Here are just a few (because the list would run into 100!): Patricia, Karrie, Nikki, Rach, Fi, and Lucy.

Do you also #ChooseToChallenge?

Yours Faithfully,
Hannah Kirk

What I Believe

This is not a ‘religious’ post. Despite being a faith-based artist I’m not trying to push my faith on you. That wouldn’t be the most loving thing for me to do.

Having said that, my faith in God is the reason for why I create art, take photos, and write. Faith forms the basis of what I do and how I do it. If I didn’t have faith in God I reckon my life and work would look very different. 

I believe that my creativity is an extension of me, that my inside spills out into my art, photography, and writing. I suppose that’s true of everyone, isn’t it? 

On the surface it might look as though I’m doing lots of different things which will appeal to lots of different people. In a way that’s true. Not because I want to please everyone, but rather because I believe that everyone is loved by God and that when I offer a product or service it’s because God knows who it is for, and what His purpose is behind me offering it. I might never know why, and that’s OK. 

Of course there are specific times when God will tell me what to create and who it is for, but if that is the case the recipient will receive it for free – as a gift of grace from Him via me. 

Anyway, that’s all for now. If you have any questions about what I believe or why I do what I do, please get in touch – I’d be glad to hear from you. 

Yours Faithfully,

Hannah Kirk


I’m so happy to have you here. Welcome to my blog where I share snippets of my art, photography, and writing. I will share some of my story, and tell you exciting news of upcoming products and services.

Every week I will write to update you and give you behind-the-scenes of my studio/office, photos of recent works, any important dates and other key information. I’ll aslo spotlight other artists, photographers, and writers that I think you might like. 

Each blog post will be unique. 

For now, you can look through my products and services, via my website, where you can read more about me and see what is currently available.

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I would love to learn more about you and how you heard about me, drop me a message and let me know.

Yours Faithfully,

Hannah Kirk

This is not the start!

In January and February 2018 I spent some time in hospital. While there I discovered that my new found creativity was the most effective part of my recovery. I discovered that writing was a new found love of mine. So, I started a Christian blog called Morning Coffee With Abba. In August 2018, I decided that I’d actually like to sell my artwork and photos too.

I then went on a tumultious journey to get to this point where I have formed ‘Yours Faithfully Hannah Kirk Ltd.’

Although I’m a faith-based (Christian) artist, writer, and photographer, you don’t have to be a Christian in order to be welcome here. I hope that everyone who visits this website feels welcome and benefits and is blessed by my products and/or services.

That’s a little snippet for my first blog post. There will be a new one every week. 

Yours Faithfully,

Hannah Kirk

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