Word for the year – Growth

Word for the year – Growth

I’m a member of several business-related memberships and each of them has been doing retreats or workshops based on planning for the year. Notably, it’s been the Best Year Yet workshops through United Artspace and the Firm Foundation Business Retreat through Cheerfully Given

Nearly everywhere you look you’ll notice people – business owners in particular – speak about their word for the year. This is supposed to be a word that grounds or focuses the year ahead. The words, and reasons behind choosing them, are many and varied. 

For 2020, I chose the word ‘freedom’. For 2021, I chose ‘excellence’. For 2022, I have chosen the word GROWTH. 

Let’s explore my reasons behind choosing the word Growth. 

Spiritual Growth

This is at the top of my list because it’s my priority. The book I’m writing, Complexity: The Puzzle of Discipleship, is largely linked to my own spiritual growth. I’m growing as I write the book; the book is being written as I grow. 

In 2016, when I became a committed follower of Jesus, Jesus became the most important person in my life. Since then I’ve begun living as though that is true. I’m not perfect at it by any means, but I am growing up in it. 

The most measurable aspect of my spiritual growth is to write the book. I was asked by God to write the book in September 2018, so it is an act of spiritual growth, spiritual discipline, and obedience. 

Emotional Growth

I’m in recovery from several mental health disorders including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and a Personality Disorder. I’m committed to my recovery and doing well in it, but there is always room for growth. 

This seems somewhat less measurable than other goals, but any improvement is better than none, so I’ll be able to see growth in this area after the fact. 

Growth of Personal Development

It’s hard to put a measurable goal on this area of growth because I don’t yet know what I want to learn or grow in. I’ve got a couple of courses I’d like to complete though, so that can be measured. One of the courses is an Art Therapy course. The other one is the 7-Keys course from United Artspace which I’m yet to complete. I’d also like to re-take Make Your Mark run by Sharon Griffin through United Artspace. 

Monetary Growth

I’d like to earn £10,000 this calendar year so that we can afford to stay in the house we are in. Your continued support of my small business (liking, commenting, sharing, word of mouth, purchasing, praying) means so much to me and is making a big difference in my life – thank you. 

By sharing my money goals with you, it enables you to pray specifically for them. 

That’s all for now. 

Yours Faithfully,

Hannah Kirk