Easter Greeting Cards

Easter Greeting Cards

Hi there,

With Easter fast approaching I thought it would be nice for me to share with you my range of Easter Greeting Cards.

Each Easter Greeting Card is £2 (FREE p&p within the UK).

What’s included?

* A6 size Greeting Card
* Printed on FSC certified card using soy or vegetable based inks
* Blank inside for your own message
* White envelope
* Designed and printed in the UK
Please note that these Greeting Cards do not come with a pen.

1. Cross Through Time.

Cross Greetings Card - Christian Cards

The painting that is printed on the front of this Christian greeting card, ‘Cross Through Time’ was originally meant to be the Lion of Judah!

I made a mistake and in frustration I started to scrub the paint. Out of my frustrated scrubbing appeared this, which I’ve named Cross Through Time. It showed me that my gift for painting comes from God and that they are timeless and that what Jesus accomplished on the cross is way better than anything else.

Since then I have let Abba-Jesus-Spirit direct my path and teach me what they want me to paint.

2. Does God Have a Blueprint? 

Does God have a blueprint? Greetings Card

When I was deciding which designs to move forward with I asked my husband for help with choosing the final cut. He suggested I get rid of this one because he wasn’t sure it was saleable. About a month later, I had a stall at Yeldall Manor, for their annual Open Day. It was by far my best seller! 🙂

I painted the original as a response to a service at church with the same title. When asked whether God has a blueprint for our lives I said ‘yes’. This painting flowed out of me as I let my response settle.

3. Finding God at Depths

Finding God at Depth Greetings Card

I love the therapeutic benefit of using a palette knife to cut through acrylic paint to gradually expose a beautiful painting. I named this one Finding God at Depth based on the sermon series at the time. There is hope, I believe, in Jesus. He rescues us from darkness.

Other designs you might like:

1. Cygnet Siblings

Cygnet Siblings Greetings Card

These cute cygnet siblings lived at a local lake. I followed the lives of these cygnets until they ‘flew the nest’. I visited them most days for a couple of years and have photographed them growing up.

The thing I love best about this photo is that I wonder what they are thinking about and saying to each other. It reminds me of sitting with my best friend, Patricia, and having a good old natter.

2. Connection

Connection Greetings Card

The painting printed on the front of this greeting card is the third painting in my collection of faith-based discipleship paintings. I’m painting this collection alongside writing a book on the complexities of Christian discipleship.

Here is a snippet from the chapter on Connection: I find the concept of connection difficult. I feel socially inept and that has had a very negative impact on my ability to relate at any great depth. The About the Author section at the end of the book, explains, at least in part, who I am and the sorts of ways I experience life, and why. I, therefore, won’t repeat myself here. Despite my difficulties in connecting with people at any great depth, it’s something that I ‘enjoy’ – if that is the right adjective! At any rate, it’s something that I, and indeed every human being, need. As Brené Brown says, it is a deep need for all of us to connect with others. I also believe that it is a deep need for us to connect with Abba-Jesus-Spirit, whom we often refer to as, simply, God. A deep connection with God and others is what my heart and mind crave and longs for. But, it’s complicated! That need has got warped in my experience of life in the past – which makes the way in which I sometimes try to get that need met unhealthy and inappropriate. I’m now exploring and working on healthy and appropriate connections with people. (© Hannah Kirk, 2020)

3. Dialogue

Dialogue Greetings Card

The original dialogue painting is the 4th painting in my collection of faith-based discipleship abstracts.

Dialogue can be messy, bumpy, and beautiful. I used sap green, rose pink, orange and white because those colours communicate with each other on the colour wheel.

I’m creating these paintings in conjunction with a book that I’m writing on the complexities of discipleship.

Here is a snippet on Dialogue: Since 2015 I’ve grown and developed a lot. I used to be dyslexic, I used to struggle with communicating. I was shy and emotionally unstable (that’s explained by a later diagnosis of Trait Specific Personality Disorder). That did not allow much room for good, healthy, or helpful dialogue or relationships. It’s something that I’m getting better at all the time. Spiritually, I’ve always had a good-enough inner dialogue between myself and God. When I was very little, I spoke often to God – good, bad, and ugly. I remember asking Him things and telling Him things. I relied heavily on Him for comfort, particularly at night-time. But, even though my dialogue with Him was ‘good enough’, it wasn’t based on a right relationship with Him. Although I looked to Him for comfort, I feared Him. I feared punishment. I feared to get it wrong. I feared to upset Him. Since 2015, but especially since September 2016 when I gave my life to Jesus – properly, I have begun to have a collaborative dialogue with Abba-Jesus-Spirit. By that I mean dialogue where I have equal respect for myself and Him. Or at least that is what I intend, I don’t always succeed! (© Hannah Kirk, 2020)

I hope you have enjoyed browsing my Easter Greeting Cards. This is just an overview of some of the cards suitable. To browse my full selection of Greeting Cards please click on the button bellow.

That’s all for now. I hope you have a blessed week.

Yours Faithfully,
Hannah Kirk

Mother’s Day Cards and Gifts

Mother’s Day Cards and Gifts

Hi there, 

Spring seems to be creeping up on us as we enter March! Time seems to be speeding up, doesn’t it? 

In March there are several key calendar dates: St David’s day is today (happy St David’s day to all those with Welsh connections); World Book Day on the 4th; International Women’s Day on the 8th; Mother’s Day (in the UK) on the 14th; and then Palm Sunday on the 28th. I’m sure there are others. 

The one I’d like to focus on today is Mother’s Day. I’m not insensitive, I appreciate that not everyone likes, or celebrates, Mother’s Day. However, there are likely to be people in your life who are like a ‘mother’ to you, or who you might like to buy gifts for at some point in the future. 

With that in mind, I’d like to share with you some of my most popular Mother’s Day gifts and greetings cards. 

Greetings Cards:

Price: £2 (FREE p&p within the UK)

What’s included?

  • A6 size Greeting Card
  • Printed on FSC certified card using soy or vegetable based inks
  • Blank inside for your own message
  • Supplied with a white envelope
  • Designed and printed in the UK

Please note that these greetings cards do not come with a pen.

1. Abstract Lake

Abstract Lake Greetings Card

This Abstract Lake Greetings Card has my painting ‘abstract lake’ printed on the front.

I have a special place that I go to, in the local area, called Swan Lakes. I love it there. It’s so peaceful and I hardly ever see anyone there, which is perfect for when I want to get closer to God and enjoy His creation. This lake that I have painted in abstract style is at Swan Lakes.

The original painting is a beautiful lake view landscape and was painted in acrylics and using a palette knife. This is one of my favourite techniques for applying paint. It was painted on canvas board.

2. Bloom

Bloom Greetings card

The photo on the front of this greeting card is of pretty pink flowers found in the wild. I’m not big on flowers, so I m unable to tell you the name of this plant.

As a wildlife photographer, I spend a lot of time walking and taking photographs. I mostly take photographs of animals and birds, but landscapes, plants, trees, and even the moon, also feature in my collection of photographs.

3. Calm Coast

Calm Coast Greetings Card

This Greetings Card has my painting ‘Calm Coast’ printed on the front.

I painted this at my first lesson at School Of Acrylic Painting, based in Gloucester. It also featured in my first ever group exhibition. Despite coming from my imagination it was reminiscent of the Mallorca coastline. I love it and I’m glad it has gone to it’s forever home. 

Here is what the customer said about the original, ‘I liked this painting as soon as Hannah posted a picture of it, so I’m thrilled to have the original hanging on my wall. It certainly lives up to its name – although the composition is simple, it gives me a real feeling of peace when I look at it.” M.W (Derby)

4. Dancing to the Beat of His Heart

Dancing to the Beat of His Heart Greetings Card

This Greetings Card has my painting ‘Dancing to the Beat of His Heart’ printed on the front.

I painted the original as part of the course I attended called School Of Acrylic Painting (SOAP for short). I love the background because it enhances the feeling of movement. The dancer is beautiful too. 

5. Elephant Safari at Sunset

Elephant Safari at Sunset Greetings Card

This Greetings Card has my painting, ‘Elephant Safari at Sunset’ printed on the front. 

The original was painted for my 10th lesson of the SOAP course. I love animals and landscapes so this was a perfect lesson for me. I had great fun doing the background and the trees. The shape of the elephants was trickier, and getting the shading right was a challenge. I’ve always wanted to go on safari and see elephants in the wild. I love how the baby elephant is following its dad. It makes it quite spiritual for me because it reminds me that I’m Abba’s child and that I am following Him with my art, photography, and writing.

I love watching the sun set. I often watch the sunset at a lake in Hampshire that I’m fond of, but love it wherever I am. I can only imagine how spectacular it would be to see the sunset while on safari! What an awesome thought. I hope I’ve captured its beauty without ever seeing it – it flowed out of my inmost being and my imagination.

6. Hedgehog

Hedgehog Greetings Card

This Greetings Card has my photo of a happy little Hedgehog printed on the front.  

I took the photo during my first ever pet photoshoot session. I have since then done several others. I’ve paused photoshoots for the time being, but might offer them again in the future. 

This Hedgehog warmed my heart and I hope he warms yours too. 

7. Kingfisher

Kingfisher Greetings Card

This Greetings Card has my photo of a Kingfisher printed on the front. 

Kingfishers are my favourite bird. I had it on my ‘bucket list’ to see a Kingfisher in the wild. My dream came true in 2017 and I have since been blessed to see others too. This one posed for me for over 10 minutes. 

8. Lake and Tree Reflections

Lake and Tree Reflections Greetings Card

This Greetings Card has a copy of my Lake and Tree Reflections painting printed on the front. 

 I painted the original as part of my Level 2 School Of Acrylic Painting course, in Gloucester.  The technique we were learning was silhouettes so I chose to do a lake scene with silhouettes of trees and their reflections.  I love the peaceful and calm nature of this painting – really soothing.  

 9. My Favourite Tree

  My Favourite Tree Greeting Card

This Greetings Card has a copy of my My Favourite Tree painting printed on the front. 

This is my favourite tree! It lives at Swan Lakes and overlooks the Blackwater River. It’s my favourite tree because it reminds me of a house (I know it’s strange!!). It reminds me of a house close to where my grandparents used to live in Rickmansworth. Every time I see the tree on my regular walk it reminds me of this particular house. It intrigues me as to why. The tree brings me a certain level of comfort. Is that wrong? 

I painted the tree at the local art group I attend. The weekly them was ‘woods’ or ‘trees’ and I knew I had to paint my favourite tree. Do you have a favourite tree? Does it remind you of something or someone else? I always have my most spiritual moments – where I feel closest to God – when in nature. Is that true for you too? 

10.  Puerto Pollensa at Sunset

  Pine Walk Puerto Pollensa at Sunset Greetings Card

This Greetings Card has a copy of my Puerto Pollensa at Sunset painting printed on the front. 

I holiday in Mallorca twice a year with my family. In May, during our last holiday there, I went on a romantic evening stroll along the Pine Walk in Puerto Pollensa with my wonderful husband. It was that walk that inspired the original painting. The beautiful sunset, the glorious mountains, and the little boats dotted around the bay. We stood in this spot for a while, enjoying the sunset and each others company before going to have dinner together while the girls were spending time with their grandparents.

I used my own reference photograph for this painting.

11. Purple Hills at Dusk

  Purple Hills at Dusk Greetings Card

This Greetings Card has a copy of my Purple Hills at Dusk painting printed on the front.

I painted this scene at an art class I attended – School Of Acrylic Painting . I knew the theme for that class and noticed rolling hills on my journey to Gloucester. So, although I painted from my imagination it was based on a view I’d glimpsed on my drive. 

I decided to paint the scene at dusk and so I’ve put lights in the valley. This painting has received a lot of positive comments.

12. Soft Pastel Seascape

  Soft Pastel Seascape Greetings Card

This Greetings Card has a copy of my Soft Pastel Seascape drawing on the front. 

 For the original I used soft pastels on pastel paper. I was very pleased with how it turned out ad it has become on of my most loved Greetings Cards. 

 13. Springtime Blue Tit

  Spring Blue Tit A6 Greetings Card

This Greetings Card has a copy of my Springtime Blue Tit drawing on the front. 

I drew this using soft pastels on pastel paper. It was spring when I drew it, and so that’s why I named it ‘springtime Blue Tit’. These are some of my favourite colours and one of my favourite birds. 

 14. Stillness

  Stillness Butterfly Greetings Card

This Stillness Greetings Card has one of my photos of a butterfly printed on the front. 

I took this photo of one of the butterflies at Butterfly World on the Isle of Wight. 

 15. Waterlily Reflection

  Waterlily Reflection Greetings Card

This Waterlily Reflection Greetings Card has my photo printed on the front.

This photo was taken at Robin Hill Country Park while walking through a lowered pathway through a pond. These are my most popular cards, as such there are only 10 left!


 1. Contemplative Robin Coffee Mug

  Coffee Mug with a photo of a Robin on the front

These sweet coffee mugs have a beautiful Robin on. The photograph was taken by me (Hannah Kirk). The Robin looks like they’re deep in thought, so I named the photograph, and therefore coffee mug, Contemplative Robin. 

There are only 4 left!

2. Faithful Snapshots Photobook

Faithful Snapshots Photobook with purple linen cover Faithful Snapshots Photobook  

This photobook, Faithful Snapshots, showcases my wildlife and nature photographs.

I love taking photos of birds, animals, pets, flowers, landscapes, seascapes, sunsets, and the moon. Photographs in this photobook include: Stag, Doe, Crested Grebe, Mandarin Duck, Mallard, Cormorant, Pershore Abbey, Hedgehog, Swans, Cygnets, Kingfisher, Robin, Mallorca, Malvern Hills, the moon, and much more…

This photobook, Faithful Snapshots, has a purple linen cover. Inside are 80 of my best (and most popular) photographs. Individually, I charge £12 for these photos, so this book is a bargain. Size: 20cm x 15cm.

There are only 9 left!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Mother’s Day Gifts and Cards I have available. I hope you have been able to find what you are looking for. 

Yours Faithfully, 

Hannah Kirk


I’m so happy to have you here. Welcome to my blog where I share snippets of my art, photography, and writing. I will share some of my story, and tell you exciting news of upcoming products and services.

Every week I will write to update you and give you behind-the-scenes of my studio/office, photos of recent works, any important dates and other key information. I’ll aslo spotlight other artists, photographers, and writers that I think you might like. 

Each blog post will be unique. 

For now, you can look through my products and services, via my website, where you can read more about me and see what is currently available.

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I would love to learn more about you and how you heard about me, drop me a message and let me know.

Yours Faithfully,

Hannah Kirk

This is not the start!

In January and February 2018 I spent some time in hospital. While there I discovered that my new found creativity was the most effective part of my recovery. I discovered that writing was a new found love of mine. So, I started a Christian blog called Morning Coffee With Abba. In August 2018, I decided that I’d actually like to sell my artwork and photos too.

I then went on a tumultious journey to get to this point where I have formed ‘Yours Faithfully Hannah Kirk Ltd.’

Although I’m a faith-based (Christian) artist, writer, and photographer, you don’t have to be a Christian in order to be welcome here. I hope that everyone who visits this website feels welcome and benefits and is blessed by my products and/or services.

That’s a little snippet for my first blog post. There will be a new one every week. 

Yours Faithfully,

Hannah Kirk

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