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In this blog post, I’m going to share with you all of my greeting cards suitable for male birthdays. In other blog posts this month, I’m sharing birthday cards for her and birthday cards for them.

I feel a bit uncomfortable separating them into categories because the majority of my cards are gender neutral and suitable for any occasion. However, search engines like clarity!

With that little introduction out of the way let’s take a look at some of my greeting cards.

Birthday Cards for Him:

All of my greetings cards are environmentally friendly – they are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified card, and the inks used are all soy or vegetable-based.

All designs are created by me with either my photographs or original art on the front. Each Greetings Card is blank inside for your own message, making them perfect for any occasion. They come with a white envelope. Size A6.

Abstract Lake

Abstract Lake Greetings Card

Originally, I painted this in acrylics and used a palette knife. It was painted on a canvas board.

Although abstract, I based it on a favourite place that I go to, in the local area, called Swan Lakes. I love it there. It’s so peaceful and you hardly ever see anyone there, which is perfect for when I want to get closer to God and enjoy His creation.

Calm Coast

Calm Coast Greetings Card

I painted the original during my first lesson at School Of Acrylic Painting, based in Gloucester. It also featured in my first ever group exhibition in Aldershot.

Despite coming from my imagination it was reminiscent of the Mallorca coastline. I love it and I’m glad it has gone to it’s forever home. Fear not, there is the option of buying this greeting card and framing it, or purchasing it to bless someone else.

Here is what the customer said about the original painting, ‘I liked this painting as soon as Hannah posted a picture of it, so I’m thrilled to have the original hanging on my wall. It certainly lives up to its name – although the composition is simple, it gives me a real feeling of peace when I look at it.” M.W (Derby)

Elephant Safari at Sunset

Elephant Safari at Sunset Greetings Card

I have completed a course at the School of Acrylic Painting in Gloucestershire. The lessons were once a month and after 12 lessons I’ll complete Level 1. I have since gone on to complete Level 2 too. This was painted during one of those lessons.

I love animals and landscapes so this was a perfect lesson for me. I had great fun doing the background and the trees. The shape of the elephants was trickier, and getting the shading right was a challenge. I’ve always wanted to go on safari and see elephants in the wild. I love how the baby elephant is following its dad. It makes it quite spiritual for me because it reminds me that I’m Abba’s child and that I am following Him with my art and writing.


Kingfisher Greetings Card

Kingfishers are my favourite bird. I had it on my ‘bucket list’ to see a Kingfisher in the wild. My dream came true in 2017 and I have since been blessed to see others too. This one posed for me for over 10 minutes and I took over 100 photos.

When choosing photos and artwork to go on greeting cards, I just had to include a photo of a Kingfisher.

Do you like Kingfishers? Have you ever seen one?

Lake Reflection

Lake Reflection Greeting Card

I painted the original as part of my Level 2 School Of Acrylic Painting course, in Gloucester.  The technique we were learning was “silhouettes” so I chose to do a lake scene with silhouettes of trees and their reflections.  I love the peaceful and calm nature of this painting – really soothing.


Lioness Birthday Card for Him

A few summer’s ago, we as a family, along with my aunt and cousins, visited West Midlands Safari Park.

Part of the experience includes a drive-through safari. The animals that were most spectacular were the pack of lions and lionesses. They were really far away and up high on a large rock – reminiscent of ‘pride rock’ in Disney’s Lion King.

So, I’m somewhat thrilled to have captured so many lovely photos of a lioness. The photo I chose to be printed on Greetings Card stuck out as a favourite because she looks deep in thought.

My Favourite Tree

My Favourite Tree Greeting Card

The tree on the front of this tree greetings card is my favourite tree! It lives at Swan Lakes and overlooks the Blackwater River. It’s my favourite tree because it reminds me of a house (I know it’s strange!!). It reminds me of a house close to where my grandparents used to live in Rickmansworth. Every time I see the tree on my regular walk it reminds me of this particular house. It intrigues me as to why. 

Pine Walk

Pine Walk Puerto Pollensa at Sunset Greetings Card

I holiday in Mallorca twice a year with my family.

During our last holiday there, I went on a romantic evening stroll along the Pine Walk in Puerto Pollensa with my wonderful husband. It was that walk that inspired this painting.

The beautiful sunset, the glorious mountains, and the little boats dotted around the bay. 

Purple Hills

Purple Hills at Dusk Greetings Card

I painted this scene ‘Purple Hills at Dusk’ at the art class I attended – School Of Acrylic Painting . I knew the theme for that class and noticed rolling hills on my journey to Gloucester. So, although I painted from my imagination it was based on a view I’d glimpsed on my drive.

I decided to paint the scene at dusk and so I’ve put lights in the valley. This painting has received a lot of positive comments.


Soft Pastel Seascape Greetings Card

I drew the original in soft pastels on pastel paper. I drew it at a local art group (long before Covid restrictions). I miss that art group and hope it won’t be too long before we can return.

I love the coast. Do you? I don’t visit the coast much in this country (England), but when we go on holiday it always seems to be near the coast.

Steam Train

Steam Train Greetings Card

Although this steam train greeting card is most popular amongst males, it is suitable for any gender, and for any occasion. I painted the original in watercolour, on watercolour paper, for my father-in-law (as a commission). He’s a steam train enthusiast.

Although watercolour is not the medium I use most often, I’m incredibly pleased with how this turned out. My father-in-law loves it, which is a bonus.

I am open for commissions, so please do get in touch if you’d like to commission me for a piece of artwork.

Waterlily Reflection

Waterlily Reflection Greetings Card

This photo was taken at Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight while walking through a lowered pathway through a pond. These are my most popular cards, as such, there are only 7 left!

I love waterlilies. Do you? They are so pretty and I love the different colours of waterlilies. My favourites are the pink waterlilies though. Do you have a favourite?

We usually have 2 holidays per year on the Isle of Wight and Robin Hill Country Park is a favourite place to visit for my family. Have you ever been? If so, do you have a favourite place to visit on the Isle of Wight? Perhaps you live there?

Which one do you like best? Is there one of my other designs that you think should be in my Birthday Cards for Him list?

I hope you have enjoyed browsing my Birthday Cards for Him.

Yours Faithfully,

Hannah Kirk

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