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In this blog post, I spotlight all of my greetings cards suitable for believers baptisms. I’ve also included cards suitable for Christenings and Baby Naming Day’s. 

Baptism Cards 

All of my greetings cards are environmentally friendly – they are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified card, and the inks used are all soy or vegetable-based.

All designs are created by me with either my photographs or original art on the front. Each Greetings Card is blank inside for your own message. They come with a white envelope. Size A6.


Acceptance Greetings Card

The painting I used for this design, ‘acceptance’ was originally painted as the first in my collection of faith-based discipleship paintings. The collection is being painted alongside writing a book on the complexities faced within Christians discipleship.


Boundaries Christian Greeting Card

For this Boundaries Christian Greeting Card, I used a print of the painting ‘Boundaries’. It is the second painting in a new collection of faith-based discipleship abstract paintings.

Boundaries play an important part in discipleship. Some are ridged and firm, others are soft and float around hardly noticed – like bubbles. Boundaries, in their best form, aren’t for punishment, rejection or exclusion.


Connection Greetings Card

The painting printed on the front of this greeting card is the third painting in my collection of faith-based discipleship paintings. I’m painting this collection alongside writing a book on the complexities of Christian discipleship.

Here is a snippet from the chapter on Connection: I find the concept of connection difficult. I feel socially inept and that has had a very negative impact on my ability to relate at any great depth. The About the Author section at the end of the book, explains, at least in part, who I am and the sorts of ways I experience life, and why. I, therefore, won’t repeat myself here. Despite my difficulties in connecting with people at any great depth, it’s something that I ‘enjoy’ – if that is the right adjective! At any rate, it’s something that I, and indeed every human being, need. As Brené Brown says, it is a deep need for all of us to connect with others. I also believe that it is a deep need for us to connect with Abba-Jesus-Spirit, whom we often refer to as, simply, God. A deep connection with God and others is what my heart and mind crave and longs for. But, it’s complicated! That need has got warped in my experience of life in the past – which makes the way in which I sometimes try to get that need met unhealthy and inappropriate. I’m now exploring and working on healthy and appropriate connections with people. (© Hannah Kirk, 2020)

Cross Through Time

Cross Greetings Card - Christian Cards

The painting that is printed on the front of this Christian greeting card, ‘Cross Through Time’ was originally meant to be the Lion of Judah!

I made a mistake and in frustration, I started to scrub the paint. Out of my frustrated scrubbing appeared this, which I’ve named Cross Through Time. It showed me that my gift for painting comes from God and that they are timeless and that what Jesus accomplished on the cross is way better than anything else.

Since then I have let Abba-Jesus-Spirit direct my path and teach me what they want me to paint.


Dialogue Greetings Card

The original dialogue painting is the 4th painting in my collection of faith-based discipleship abstracts.

Dialogue can be messy, bumpy, and beautiful. I used sap green, rose pink, orange and white because those colours communicate with each other on the colour wheel.

I’m creating these paintings in conjunction with a book that I’m writing on the complexities of discipleship. Here is a snippet on Dialogue:

Since 2015 I’ve grown and developed a lot. I used to be dyslexic, I used to struggle with communicating. I was shy and emotionally unstable (that’s explained by a later diagnosis of Trait Specific Personality Disorder). That did not allow much room for good, healthy, or helpful dialogue or relationships. It’s something that I’m getting better at all the time. Spiritually, I’ve always had a good-enough inner dialogue between myself and God. When I was very little, I spoke often to God – good, bad, and ugly. I remember asking Him things and telling Him things. I relied heavily on Him for comfort, particularly at night-time. But, even though my dialogue with Him was ‘good enough’, it wasn’t based on a right relationship with Him. Although I looked to Him for comfort, I feared Him. I feared punishment. I feared getting it wrong. I feared to upset Him. Since 2015, but especially since September 2016 when I gave my life to Jesus – properly, I have begun to have a collaborative dialogue with Abba-Jesus-Spirit. By that I mean dialogue where I have equal respect for myself and Him. Or at least that is what I intend, I don’t always succeed! (© Hannah Kirk, 2020)

Dancing to the Beat

Dancing to the Beat of His Heart - Birthday Card for Her

I painted the original on the front of this dancing to the beat greeting card as part of the course I attended called School Of Acrylic Painting. I loved the background because it enhances the feeling of movement. The dancer is beautiful too.

Does God Have a Blueprint

Does God have a blueprint? Greetings Card

When I was deciding which designs to move forward with I asked my husband for help with choosing the final cut. He suggested I get rid of this one because he wasn’t sure it was saleable. About a month later, I had a stall at Yeldall Manor, for their annual Open Day. It was by far my best seller! 

I painted the original as a response to a service at church with the same title. When asked whether God has a blueprint for our lives I said ‘yes’. This painting flowed out of me as I let my response settle.

For the original painting, I sploshed Cerulean Blue around the canvas without thinking. Immediately I saw a cross in the top left corner. Then I painted my hand with purple paint and made a handprint on the right of the painting.

Finding God at Depth

Finding God at Depth Greetings Card

I love the therapeutic benefit of using a palette knife to cut through acrylic paint to gradually expose a beautiful painting. I named this one Finding God at Depth based on the sermon series at the time. There is hope, I believe, in Jesus. He rescues us from the darkness.

Fisher’s of Men Verse

Fishers of Mankind Greetings Card

I love the therapeutic benefit of using a palette knife to cut through acrylic paint to gradually expose a beautiful painting. I named this one Fishers of Mankind because it reminds me of the Fishers of Men verse: “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” (Matthew 4:19 NIV)

Fly High

Fly High - Celebrations Card

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to paint prophetically for people at a public community event in the town I live. It was a great opportunity and I painted lots of different images and then offered them to strangers and passers-by – as the Spirit led me.

My pastor saw this one and ‘knew’ who it was for, and so asked me if I minded if he gifted it to someone. I, of course, said yes. One of my gifts is to bless people, and I most often do that by blessing people with gifts of artwork or words of encouragement.

The Bible verse I was meditating on when I painted this was, ‘But those who wait for the LORD will renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run, and not be weary. They will walk, and not faint.’ (Isaiah 40:31 NHEB)

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden Greetings Card

I painted this at the weekly art group (term time only), in Yateley (before Covid!). We have an optional theme, but I chose to do my own thing. This is one of my favourite techniques – to just paint as the Spirit leads and letting the painting flow out of me.

I love cutting into the paint with a palette knife and eventually creating a calming and colourful scene. This is an abstract painting, so it’s open for the viewer to interpret what they see, think, and feel, when they look at the painting. What do you see? What do you feel or think when you look at it?

I see the Garden of Eden and a beautiful waterfall. I used bright and calming colours for this painting.

Christening and Baby Naming Day Cards


Light in the Darkness Greetings Card

I painted this during a dark point in my life.

Jesus has been the light in my darkness and has helped me through the toughest years of my life.

I pray this card brings peace, comfort, and hope to you in your darkness (or to those that you buy this for).

Cygnet in Transition

Cygnet in Transition Greeting Card

Have you heard the story The Ugly Duckling? I have! When I was little I watched the video and it resonated with me so much; I felt like an ugly duckling. By that, I mean that I never fitted in. The reason I believed that was because I was told that I was ugly, stupid and that I didn’t belong. For most of my life, I believed these lies and developed mental health disorders as a result.

A few years ago, my pastor re-framed this mindset into ‘You’re not an ugly duckling, you’re a beautiful cygnet and you are transitioning into a beautiful swan’. I believed him. Therefore, my love for cygnets and swans grew, and I have followed the lives of several swan families near where I live ever since. It has also sparked my recovery!

This painting, which is printed on the front of this cygnet in transition greeting card, was painted using one of my own reference photographs.

Cygnet Siblings

Cygnet Siblings Greetings Card

These cute cygnet siblings lived at a local lake. I followed the lives of these cygnets until they ‘flew the nest’. I visited them most days for a couple of years and have photographed them growing up.

The thing I love best about this photo is that I wonder what they are thinking about and saying to each other. It reminds me of sitting with my best friend, Patricia, and having a good old natter.

Cygnet Sitting

Cygnet Sitting Greetings Card

This super cute baby cygnet lived at a local lake. I followed the life of this cygnet until they ‘flew the nest’. I visited this cygnet most days for a couple of years and have photographed them growing up.

This cygnet is sitting on its parents back. I had never seen that before, so I was over the moon to capture something so precious. Have you ever seen a cygnet sitting (or sleeping) on their parents back?

Cygnet Sleeping

Cygnet Sleeping Greetings Card

This extremely cute cygnet lived at a local lake. I followed the lives of this adorable cygnet until they ‘flew the nest’. I visited them most days for a couple of years and have photographed them growing up.

This cygnet is sleeping on its parents back. I had never seen that before, so I was over the moon to capture something so precious. Have you ever seen a cygnet sleeping on their parents back?

Which one do you like best? Is there one of my other designs that you think should be in my Baptism Card list?

I hope you have enjoyed browsing my Baptism Cards, along with my Christinaing and naming Day Cards.

Yours Faithfully, Hannah Kirk

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