Short Bio

Hannah Kirk is a faith-based artist, writer and photographer. She expresses her faith through her art, writing, and photography and uses her creativity to bless others.

Long Bio

Complexity of humanity meets complexity of faith…

Hannah Kirk was born in Surrey, and was the first baby born in the hospital for that year (and was in the local newspaper!). She lived in Surrey, until age 9 when she moved to a small town in Berkshire. Still in the same town, she now lives with her husband and two daughters.

Hannah has a passion for Jesus and a passion for people. The main ways she connects these two passions is through art, photography, and writing.

Even though her faith forms a huge part of who she is and what she does, she is committed to never force her faith on anyone else.

Her mission, which shapes this company, is to develop a life of hope, freedom, and recovery through art, photography, and writing. Hannah’s core belief is that every human being should be valued, accepted, and included – that’s why she has tailored her products and services in such a way that everyone should feel welcome here regardless of age, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, etc. She has a heart for the marginalised and broken, perhaps because she fits that herself.

Artist Statement

I’m a self taught artist and photographer.

I mainly paint in acrylics, but I also love mixed media, soft pastels and watercolours. Although I have always loved art and photography I feared pursuing  it because of various negative comments and situations. I got back into art and photography when I turned 30.

Painting and taking photographs started as a form as therapy for me, but I soon discovered that I was becoming recognised for my art and photography and people started to ask to purchase my paintings and photos. In 2018, after a short spell in hospital, I took up writing and had a fairly successful blog.

Since the beginning of 2018 I attended a few courses in an attempt to hone and develop my skills. My ethos is that learning is a lifetime journey, so I will continue to study, grow and develop.

Collections of original art include complexity of discipleship, complexity within myself, and miniature abstracts.

I’m a wildlife/nature/creation photographer – I love to photograph God’s creation in all it’s glory and diversity. Although I offer a range of products with my photos on in my shop, I sell my digital photos through my shop on Picfair

My writing is mostly faith-based, but I also offer reflections on my own life, experiences, and circumstances. 

Mission and Purpose:

My faith in Jesus is at the centre of all I do and I hope that this is evident in my work. I have a heart for people on the margins and I advocate for social justice, mental health awareness, the LGBTQI+ community and those with disabilities. As a keen supporter of Yeldall Manor – a Christian Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation centre for men – I often fundraise for them. To the point that I even shaved my hair to raise money for them! I have a heart for homeless and other marginalised groups within society.

My mission is to develop a life of hope, freedom, and recovery through art, writing, and photography.

My purpose is to provide a variety of products and services based on my mission.

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