I – Hannah Kirk – am a Christian artist, photographer, and writer. 

My mission is to develop a life of hope, freedom, and recovery, through art, writing, and photography. 

Faithful Brushstrokes

Christian Abstract Art

I create a variety of Christian abstracts and impressionist paintings. I consider myself to be a prophetic abstract artist, painting what God commissions. 

Collections include: Complexity: The Puzzle of Discipleship, a variety of abstracts expressing myself and my own complexity, and some miniature abstracts

Previous collections include animals, birds, landscapes, and seascapes. They can be viewed through my gallery page. 

Vulnerability and Courage Themed Christian Art by Yours Faithfully Hannah Kirk - This is a staged photo of a green armchair and wooden table with a wall behind. Hung up on the wall is a purple painting with teal, white, purple, pink, and blue circles of various sizes dotted around the painting. The artwork is mostly acrylic paint but there is also pen and paper on the artwork making it mixed media.
Mother's Day Greeting Card - Bloom - by Yours Faithfully Hannah Kirk

Faithful Cards

Christian Art Cards and Photo Cards

I have designed 49 greeting cards so far and have more on the cards (see what I did there 😉 )

My cards are all printed in the UK on FSC certified cardstock using soy or vegetable-based inks. They come with a white envelope and are blank inside making them perfect for any occasion.

Faithful Snapshots

Christian Wildlife Photographer

I’m also a wildlife photographer. I photograph birds mainly, but also animals, landscapes, seascapes, and the moon.

Most of my photos are available to purchase as digital downloads over on my Picfair store. If you’d rather purchase prints this can be done through my shop on this website. 

Lion Eye - This is a close up photo of a Lion's Eye. This photo was taken using a zoom lens allowing the closeup through a cage at a zoo.
A photo of a pile of different sized notebooks and list pads in pastel colours on a pastel purple background. There is a red pen on top. This photo is for illustration purposes and not a photo of my actual products.

Wonderfully You; Wonderfully Me

Christian Writer

I write and publish a magazine every month. Alongside that I have an ever-growing email subscriber list, and I blog regularly.

I’m also in the process of writing 4 books, with more on the way. The books I’m writing are:

1. Complexity: The Puzzle of Christian Discipleship

2. In the Margins

3. 1 Corinthians 6

4. Morning Coffee with Abba

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Meet the Maker


Hannah Kirk was born in Surrey, and was the first baby born in the hospital for that year (and was in the local newspaper!).

She lived in Surrey, until age 9 when she moved to a small town in Berkshire. Still in the same town, she now lives with her husband and two daughters.

Hannah has a passion for Jesus and a passion for people. The main ways she connects these two passions is through art, photography, and writing.

Even though her faith forms a huge part of who she is and what she does, she is committed to never force her faith on anyone else.

Her mission, which shapes this company, is to develop a life of hope, freedom, and recovery through art, photography, and writing.

Hannah’s core belief is that every human being should be valued, accepted, and included.

That’s why she has tailored her products and services in such a way that everyone should feel welcome here regardless of age, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, etc.

She has a heart for the marginalised and broken, perhaps because she fits that herself.

A photo of Hannah Kirk while on holiday in Mallorca. Hannah is propped up against a concrete post with the sea and mountains in the background. She is wearing a bright pink top and black leggings. It is very sunny so she's squinting. She has short spiky hair which is dark brown and grey.